Seeds, Plants & Trees

Most of the seed companies listed here carry only open-pollinated and, thus, they are probably heritage seeds. Some may carry F-1 or F-2 seeds. If you aren’t sure whether a variety is an F-1 or F2 hybrid, ask. Some will be certified organic and some will be organic without the certification.

Many of these companies will have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. If you buy from a company who hasn’t signed the pledge, ask them to do so.

If you want feedback on a company, try The GardenWatchdog at Dave’s Garden. It’s a directory of the 7,067 mail-order gardening companies worldwide, ranked and reviewed by members.

For an extremely comprehensive list of seed sources, see Seeds of Diversity’s Resource List – 2011.


Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation, documentation and use of public-domain non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance. Its 1400 members from coast to coast are gardeners, farmers, teachers, scientists, agricultural historians, researchers and seed vendors. Together they grow, propagate and distribute over 1900 varieties of vegetables, fruit, grains, flowers and herbs. They are a living gene bank.

You cannot buy plants from a US company (or any non-Canadian based company) because a phytosanitary certificate is required to clear Canadian Customs and few companies find it economically justified. Seeds are usually not a problem.


Since 1975, Seed Savers Exchange members have passed on approximately one million samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners. They are a non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.

  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers 1400 heirloom varieties that are
    open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO!
  • Bountiful Gardens is a non-profit organization that sells untreated open-pollinated non-GMO seed of heirloom quality for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Specialties include rare and unusual varieties, medicinal herbs, and super-nutrition varieties.
  • Ed Hume  provides seeds for short seasons and cool climates.
  • Fedco , are a cooperative, one of the few seed companies so organized in the United States. They offer cold-hardy selections especially adapted to the demanding Northeast climate.
  • Heirloom Acres Seeds offers over 1200 varieties of high quality, open pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb and flowers seeds as well as asparagus crowns, seed potatoes, rhubarb starts, horseradish roots and more.
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds is an independently-owned, farm-based seed company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality 100% certified organic non-GMO seed.
  • Hudson Valley Seed Library strives to do two things:
    1. to create an accessible and affordable source of regionally-adapted seeds that is maintained by a community of caring farmers and gardeners; and,
    2. to create gift-quality seed packs featuring works designed by New York artists in order to celebrate the beauty of heirloom gardening.
  • J. L. Hudson, Seedsman‘s purpose is the preservation of botanical biodiversity, the propagation and dissemination of rare, threatened and endangered plants, research into the biology of seeds, and the preservation of vanishing knowledge of the uses of plants – called “ethnobotany” or “ethnobotanical knowledge”.
  • Johnny’s Seeds
  • Sand Hill Preservation Center are genetic preservationists that are in this for the genetic diversity of this planet we all call home.
  • Seeds Trust is a 25 year-old family seed company dedicated to teaching you to save your own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes.
  • Sustainable Seed Co. seeds are sustainably grown, organic, untreated and open-pollinated.
  • Trade Wind Fruit


Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic growing charity, has been at the forefront of the organic horticulture movement for 50 years and is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.

Association Kokopelli was created in 1998 and succeeded Terre de Semences and Jardin Botanique de la Mhotte – which were created respectively in 1994 and 1992 by Dominique and Sofy Guillet. Thus, it has been 20 years, in service of Mother Earth, of protection of food biodiversity and production of organic seeds of Life. Kokopelli offers to the gardeners a live collection of more than 2200 varieties of organic heirloom seeds which is the most extensive in the world (not in the freezers but in the gardens and in the fields!). It has been also 20 years of struggle against the seed mafia of the transnationals – which control the beginning of the food chain (5 transnational controls 75% of the vegetable seed supply!) and which poison the biosphere – including the last 6 years in court trials in France, and recently in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, to struggle for survival and to struggle for the right to distribute heirloom varieties which are not registered in the fraudulous « national list » of the French government.





CIMMYT (grains)
International Potato Center

If you find a broken link, error, want to add a company to the list, have a question, etc., feel free to add a comment.


One Response to Seeds, Plants & Trees

  1. Paulgerrit says:

    Hey, awesome list of sources!
    I’d like to add Stellar Seeds to the list of Canadian sources.
    Certified organic vegetable, flowers and herb seed grown in Johnson’s landing, b.c.:)


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