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The Herb Society of America (HSA)





Traditionally, plants have been cultivated and used to prevent and/or treat various human diseases. Numerous potent phytochemicals in plants have also been identified as chemicals accountable for treating human diseases. This plant database can be searched by using plants’ names. This database also contains information about some fruits and vegetables.

Thousands of phytochemicals have been isolated and characterized from plants, including fruits and vegetables. The isolated phytochemicals are grouped into distinctive classes by the number and kind of constitutive atoms and the structure of the basic skeleton. This database enables to search phytochemicals by using their names. The data page of each phytochemical contains its chemical structure, formula, and molecular weight.


6 Responses to Herbs

  1. Bryan Legere says:


    I am looking for bocking 14 comfrey for my permaculture farm and orchard.
    I saw in a blog that you guys might be able to help me out.
    I live in Pokemouche NB. Canada. So far the only ones i was able to locate were in the states and they can’t ship to Canada. If you don’t have any, maybe you could point me in the right direction.



  2. Hi Mike-
    I’m also looking for Bocking #14 comfrey for my urban permaculture project in Calgary. Many of my students also have been asking where they can purchase this awesome plant, and I’d love to let them know there’s a Canadian source!
    Thanks, Mike!

  3. Adriene says:

    Hi I am also interested in getting some blocking 14 comfrey for my garden. Thanks in advance for any pointers. I am in Ontario.

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