Tough, tough bees

Are they ours????????????? They could be.

I really didn’t think that they would survive the winter. With last year’s early spring, they started flying in March and then couldn’t fly much in April because of the cold weather. They nearly starved as they exhausted their honey supplies. They were slowly recovering and then the drought hit. They just seemed to shut down – no brood and no honey. When the drought broke in September, they went into a frenzy trying to make up for the summer. They added stores but I wasn’t sure if it was enough or not. We chose not to feed them. If they made it through the winter, it would indicate very strong genetics. If not, we could start again.

So far there isn’t a lot to forage on but as each day passes and we get closer and closer to lots of spring flowers, the chances of their survival get better and better.

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