Richters SeedZoo™

In a previous post, I wrote about Altrei Coffee lupines.  Richters has since sold out of these seeds.  I’ve had a number of inquiries about seeds which got me to thinking about what Richters was attempting to do:

Richters is proud to introduce SeedZoo™, a project to preserve traditional and indigenous food plants from around the world. Teaming up with botanical explorers and ethnobotanists, we are searching for rare and endangered food plants that home gardeners can grow and enjoy, and help to preserve.

It occurred to me that a forum was need to put those who have in contact with those who want, something similar to Dave’s Garden but focused on SeedZoo™ seeds.

I began talking with Conrad Richter about the need to share seeds from his SeedZoo™. While he finds the seeds, he doesn’t have the facilities to propagate them. That means that supply is limited. If we buyers grow the seeds and then share them, then we help achieve the SeedZoo™’s objective of preserving some of the world’s rare food diversity.

With Conrad’s support and encouragement, I’ve set up a SeedZoo™ Seed Swapping & Growing Info forum – This forum is not affiliated with Richters but rather it is a forum of gardeners interested in growing the seeds of SeedZoo™.

If anyone is interested in obtaining  Altrei Coffee lupine seeds or any other SeedZoo™ seeds (they don’t have to be sold out varieties),  can I ask you to register and list what you have or need?  You don’t have to be active but it gives you a chance to respond, if you so choose, to those seeking Altrei Coffee seeds or any other SeedZoo™ seeds that you may have grown. Even if you don’t have seeds to share, sharing a growing experience is helpful because it builds a knowledge base for others.

As with any forum, email addresses are kept private unless you choose otherwise. Members contact other members via personal messages. This is a moderated forum so polite, civil behaviour will be maintained.

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