Whole lotta hummin’ goin’ on

The fall garden cleanup continues and today was a beautiful clear day for it.  Grass clippings from one last cutting to give the voles less nesting material were added to the fall compost pile which is made up mostly of other people’s leaves.  We do curb side pickup but we don’t do raking.

And pots are sunk into empty raised beds to over-winter.

There isn’t much to do to prepare the bees for winter other than to reduce the number of entrance holes.

A bit of activity yesterday as the afternoon sun warmed the hive

Bees in flight foraging for nectar in today's afternoon sun

I had planned to pull up the remains of the broccoli but that plan changed when I found out where the bees were foraging on a few remaining broccoli flowers. Pickings are slim but that didn’t deter them from pollen gathering.

Note the pollen sack

The sun was warm. The fall colours were spectacular. The air smelled musty and earthy from the falling leaves in the woods that are damp on the ground. I was humming as I worked and the bees were humming as they worked. Life is simple and good.

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