On the right track

Back in June, I posted about growing our apple rootstock and closed the post by saying that I hoped that I was on the right track.  One of our fall activities is to put rodent guards around young trees to protect them from voles and mice.  If they girdle the tree, it will die.

When I was putting a guard on one of the M7 rootstocks, I noticed what I thought was a root. So I carefully pulled back the earth to find that two of the shoots around the main stem had roots.

Two new M7 rootstocks

And in the part of the bed where the rootstock had been trench layered …….

……….. roots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That makes 4 new rootstocks and the other rootstock that I didn’t check will probably have some new rootstock as well.  And if I can lay my hands on some pear and plum rootstock and produce my own…….

Oh, the possibilities!

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2 Responses to On the right track

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations, this is very exciting. After reading your June post I layered my honeyberries and quite a few apples that had low reaching branches. I will wait till spring to see if any of them rooted but I have high hopes, especially for the apples.

  2. MikeH says:

    I’ll be very interested to hear the results for you apple trees. One thing that I did come across with regard to layering is the need to “wound” the branch on the under side to encourage rooting. At first I was nicking the branch with a knife but switched to twisting the branch gently until the bark start to split. It was safer both to me and to the branch.


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