Orchard Expansion

Last year,  we added less conventional trees to our orchard – hazelnuts, red mulberrys, crab apples,  Harbin pears, Manchurian apricots, Chui-Lum Tao Peaches,  and Bailey Peaches.  The pears, apricots and peaches are rootstocks so the fruit will be far less than supermarket grade.  Hopefully, it will be suitable for preserving.

Continuing with the plants in Lee Reich‘s book, this year we added:




Beach Plum


Cornelian Cherry

Eastern Prince Schisandra

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3 Responses to Orchard Expansion

  1. Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm says:

    Sounds like you have a wonderful orchard in the making! I might give a few of those a try. I can probably get seeds from the grocery store. I’d like to grow persimmons!

  2. K says:

    Do either the chui lum tao or the bailey peaches have edible fruit? I realize it would not be close to commercial quality but even if it made decent jelly it would be worth it. I wonder if anyone has tried crossing hardier rootstock peaches with good eating peaches?

    • MikeH says:

      Good question. Ours haven’t fruited yet so I have no first hand experience. Having said that, I doubt that they are great eating, maybe not even good eating since their primary use is for rootstock. But as jam or jelly, they might be OK. Crab apples are pretty inedible but make fantastic jelly. Even if they don’t make good preserves, I’ll use them as rootstock for grafting cultivars.


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