First Strawberries of the Season!

Well, not really.  In our first veggie garden here, we planted 25 ever-bearing strawberries and dutifully mulched them with straw.  It turned out that the straw wasn’t entirely clean and we had a volunteer crop of oats.  By the end of the summer after a couple of weeding sessions, we had a more or less rough idea of where the strawberries were although we couldn’t actually see them without hacking through the forest of weeds.

The next spring when we were about to christen our first raised bed, I had what turned out to be an inspired idea.  Joyce had just started to weed the strawberries when I said why don’t we dig them all up, get all the weeds out of the roots, and plant them in the raised bed.  And that was the beginning of a very rewarding, easy-going relationship.  The weeds were minimal that summer and the plants loved growing in the pure compost.  We harvested our last slightly frozen berry at the beginning of December.  I had to dislodge a yellow jacket who had died inside the berry with what I’m sure would have been a happy, very satiated smile if yellow jackets could smile.

The next spring instead of weeding the bed, we dug up all of the plants, got the minimal amount of weeds out, added leaf compost, and replanted three rows of twenty plants each.  We had many plants left over which we potted up and took to market.  They ALL sold! What a harvest!!

Two days ago, we did the same as last year and today some of the extras went to market.  We’ll see if this year turns out like last year.  If it doesn’t, the plants will still give us a return – in the compost pile.

We harvest dollars from plants in the spring and wonderful berries all summer long into the fall.

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