Instant Forest

In a previous post, I wrote about Hybrid Poplar Cuttings. Our cuttings haven’t done anything yet but it’s only been a week.

In the meantime though, we ordered nine sets of willows cuttings from Frank as well as two other hybrid poplar cuttings. Joyce has periodically said that she’d like to grow willows with an eye to making arbours.  It wasn’t a priority. In fact, it wasn’t even on a to-do list.  But after seeing what Frank had available and doing a bit of research, we decided to start growing willows.  While Joyce is thinking of weaving, I’m thinking of chipping.  Coppice willows would produce a steady supply of shoots that could easily be turned into wood chips for the garden.  And if we start to argue over who gets the willow rods, we simply start more using Frank’s technique.

Black Willow 

(Salix Nigra)

Weeping Pendula Willow

(Salix Babylonica “Pendula”)

Goat Willow – French Willow

(Salix Caprea)

Silky leaf osier

(Salix Smithiana)

The original red stem pussy willow

(Salix Discolor)

Golden Curls

(Salix Matsudana)

Salix Miyabeana Almond Willow “Black Maul” 

(Salix triandra)

Corkscrew Willow 

(Salix Matsudana VAR Tortuosa)

54 Willow Cuttings and 12 Hybrid Poplar Cuttings

We decided to grow the two extra poplar varieties so that we have 4 different varieties to select from.

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2 Responses to Instant Forest

  1. Starting willows is something I have planned for this spring as well! I want big weeping willows as windbreaks across from the house. I want some curly and pussy willows too, just because 🙂 I know where some grow, so I will be taking my own cuttings, possibly this coming week and starting them indoors. I did stick a few in the ground a couple of years ago but have seen nothing of them yet, so I guess they didn’t take. I might have even cut them down with the mower 😦

    I want to make willow twig furniture and some living willow furniture and possibly a living willow fence. I also want to make some willow charcoal for drawing and willow rooting hormone.

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