Hybrid Poplar Cuttings

In an earlier post on coppicing, I’d mentioned that we’d probably start with Black Locusts because they grow wild here which means that we can dig up 8-10 foot trees at no cost.  Since then, I’ve come across Frank Gomez at hybridpoplars.com. I took Frank up on his offer of free cuttings. Within a few days, a envelope arrived with the cuttings and three of his grow bags.  I use Pro Mix BX for my cuttings and seed starting so I followed Frank’s instructions and filled his grow bags with Pro Mix BX.






Just planted – March 10, 2011                                  Two weeks later – March 24, 2011

I was impressed enough by what I saw that I ordered 100 of Frank’s grow bags and his how-to book.


And today I took cuttings from our N-38 hybrid poplars.  Each is planted so that only the top bud is exposed.  The cutting on the bottom includes a tip bud.  According to Frank, cuttings should not have tip buds.




I started 12 cuttings. The three cuttings on the right side were dipped in rooting hormone #3 just to see how they would do.


Hopefully, the cuttings from our hybrid poplars do as well as the 3 from Frank’s hybrid poplars.

Oh yeh, we’re still going to plant Black Locusts.  We just changed the schedule a bit.

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