TVP or what to do with soymilk residue.

What to do with the ground residue from the second attempt to make soymilk?  The first attempt went into the compost.  This batch was far finer in texture so I decided to call it TVP although technically it’s not.  Textured Vegetable Protein or TVP  is produced from soy flour after the soybean oil has been extracted, then cooked under pressure, extruded, and dried. It’s a meat substitute that has a similar texture to hamburger when cooked.

I put about two cups of my TVP into a bowl and added what I would add to hamburger – finely chopped onions and mushrooms,  oregano, basil, lovage, a splash of soy sauce, and salt and pepper.  I also added 3 tbsp of chili ketchup and 3 tbsp of flour to bind it together.

Some vegetable oil in a skillet and then cooked until brown.

It wasn’t a hamburger. But it had the texture and the mushroom, onions, and herbs as well as the ketchup, mustard, and relish so …………… it’s a hamburger!!!!!

I’ve had TVP veggie burgers – once and never again.  But this was something completely different.  It had flavour and tasted very fresh which it was. It  was tasty enough that I made another one.

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