Soymilk – Much Less yucky

So we took a litre of beans and soaked them overnight. Then we put some in the blender and add enough water to get them puréed.  Because the blender was full and we still had beans to puré, I emptied the blender into a large pot.   I repeated the process until all the beans were puréed and in the pot.  The mix was very thick and I was concerned about it burning on the bottom of the pot so I added more water until I could stir it like a very thick pea soup.  In total, between blending and thinning in the pot, I added 3 ½ litres of water.  I boiled the mixture at a high temperature setting for 10 minutes stirring constantly.  When it came to a boil, I turned the temperature down to simmer and cooked for another 10 minutes stirring constantly.

Using a cheese cloth the first time was messy, used a lot of cheese cloth, and was overkill for the size of the solids involved.  We decided to use a fine strainer the next time.  Looking at the cooked puré this time, I decided to use the fine strainer even though the solids were a great deal smaller than the first time.  I expected that most would be strained out.  If need be, we could always use a cheese cloth to get the last little bits out.

Yesterday's attempt

Today's attempt








The liquid was very thick, like cream, and the strained puré still had a great deal of liquid left in it despite being pressed through the strainer.  So I decided to do another batch from the puré.  I put the puré back in the pot, added 2 litres of water, cooked it for another 10 minutes on high, then another 5 minutes on simmer.

Then I strained it into a separate container so that I could compare the two batches.  It was much thinner, with a consistency closer to 2% milk.

Both batches had what I would call a beany taste.  It wasn’t overpowering but it was there.  Adding honey didn’t mask it.

All in all from 1 litre of beans, we got 1150 ml from the first batch and 1850 ml from the second batch.  The cost of the beans was $1.62 or $.54/litre.  Loblaw Blue Menu soy beverage costs $1.85/litre or almost 3½ times as expensive.

To be continued (as soon as we get some more beans)…………………..

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