Soymilk – Yuk!

Yuk.  I’m tempted to end this post right there.

We used this soymilk recipe and followed it to the letter.  It took a bit of juggling of pots because of the quantity involved.  The recipe says to grind the beans to a fine paste.  We decided to use our manual food grinder rather than our blender.

This may not have been a fine enough paste because the resulting 3 ¾ litres of “milk” were very watery and light beige in colour.  After straining the soy slurry through a cheese cloth, we were left with a fair bit of  “mash”.

There was a fair bit of discussion about what we could do with this stuff – burgers, stir fry, shepherd’s pie.  After tasting the milk, we decided on the compost.  We did try to improve the taste of the milk by adding pure almond extract.  Then we tried honey.  Then sugar.  If you add enough sugar to anything, the taste disappears behind the sweetness but we didn’t want something that was overpoweringly sweet.

So where does that leave us?  We’ll get more beans and try a recipe that uses less water and processes the beans through a blender. Having pictures provides us with comparisons as we go along.

The beans themselves may be a factor.  The soynuts that we made using Laura beans were far more flavourful that those that were used to make “coffee”.



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