Soyfee – Take 1

In “Coffee”, I talked about making a coffee substitute by grinding up roasted soybeans.  Well, it didn’t work and it did work.  We didn’t get coffee but we figured out what we did wrong, maybe.

Thanks to our youngest daughter who lives in Italy, we had been introduced a year or so ago to a cheap and easy way of making cappuccino. We use our espresso coffee maker to make a very rich cappuccino which is frothed with a small battery run beater.  So we made our cappuccino using ground soybeans in place of coffee  using exactly the same measure that we would normally use.

The beans had been ground too fine and the water wouldn’t filter through.  So then we tried a drip filter.  It worked but the result after frothing was more like a slightly nutty hot milk shake.  Quite nice, actually but not a coffee.  I figured that a coffee percolator might work if we over-perked the coffee.

A bit more research told us that the beans had to be roasted black but not burnt. Isn’t black burnt? We’ll find out.

Fiddling with the coffee grinder (newly purchased on Kijiji for $15), I realized that it was set for the finest grind possible.  If we’d been doing flour, it would have been perfect.  We’ll try getting a coarser grind next time.

Take 2 coming up.

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