There are 400,000 flowering plants in the world. Assuming that they all produce seed, these 11 represent .002750000% of that total (OK, there are a couple of trees included which will affect the tiny number in a tiny way.)

In Meandering way, way, way off the path, I listed some uncommon seeds that we were going to try growing this year.  For me, pictures are always better descriptors than words so here’s a visual list.

If the colours, textures, sizes of these 11 are stunning to the eye, 400,000 is beyond imagination, mind boggling. And yet we think that we can control the intricacy, the complexity of  nature. Now, that is mind boggling!

  1. Panax quinquifolium – American Ginseng
  2. Rosa rugosa – Red Rugosa Rose
  3. Thymus fragrantissimus – Orange Scented Thyme
  4. Ziziphus jujube – Jujube
  5. Pinus edulis – Pinyon Pine
  6. Crataegus oxyacantha – English Hawthorn
  7. Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry
  8. Hamamelis virginiana – Witch Hazel
  9. Ribes rubrum – Red Currant
  10. Ribes sativum – White Currant
  11. Hovenia dulcis – Raisin Tree
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