Sprout Ideas Sprout

We learned enough from last year’s experience to do it again and actually expand the effort a bit.

A bit of research led me to The Sprout People where I was completely overwhelmed by the choices.  Then I started to focus on the one of  characteristic that makes a plant extra attractive to us – the variability of its uses.  Because of our decision to grow soybeans, soy sprouts are on our list.  And sesame seeds, both natural and black because the seeds themselves are wonderful in cooking and on salads. And broccoli because the seed harvest can be used in part for next year’s planting and in part for sprouting.  And clover because we want to use it to seed raised beds that are, for whatever reason, fallow.  Last year,  the red clover in the orchard was a huge favourite with the bumble bees.  In looking into red clover, I stumbled across crimson clover which, like red clover, fixes nitrogen and be used for sprouts.  And the flower is spectacular.

So this year’s sprouts menu will consist of

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  1. Sunflower sprouts are good in salad too.

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